Alexandra Yu. Sinelschikova

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Academic degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences
Academic title: No title
Position: Researcher
Contact phone: +7 (401) 504-12-51
Educational background: Leningrad State University, 1991.
Dissertations: “Nocturnal migration of thrushes g Turdus in SE Baltic region.” (PhD)
Research interests: Bird migration, behavioral aspects of migration, impact of the weather on diurnal and nocturnal bird migration.
Field studies: Kaliningrad reg., Leningrad reg., Bulgaria, Khakassia.
Scientific projects and grants:
  • RFBR 08-04-01658-а. PI C.V. Bolshakov. “Inter– and intraspecific variability of the characteristics of avian nocturnal migratory flight”
  • RFBR 11-04-01126-а. PI C.V. Bolshakov. “The influence of the global "light pollution" of the natural environment on the behavior of migratory birds at night”
  • RFBR 16-04-00761-а. PI L.V. Sokolov. “Comparison of migration strategy at the European and Asian populations of the common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)”
Selected Publications:
  • Baushev A.N., Sinelschikova A. 2007. On a probabilistic model for the numerical estimation of the nocturnal migration of birds. Mathematical Biosciences, 205:44-58.
  • Sinelschikova A., Kosarev V., Panov I., Baushev A.N. 2007. The influence of wind conditions on Europe on the advance in timing of spring migration of the Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) in the south-east Baltic region. International Journal of Biometeorology, 51 (5): 431-440
  • Vorotkov M., Sinelschikova A., Griffiths M. 2009. Optical Matrix Device: Technical aspects of a new tool for the detection and recording of small nocturnal aerial targets. The Journal of Navigation, 62: 1-9