Maria M. Erokhina

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Academic degree: No degree
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Position: Research Assistant
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Educational background: Southern Federal University, Academy of Biology and Biotechnologies(bachelor), 2018.
Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University (master), 2020.
Research interests: Avian malaria, avian metabolism.
Field studies: Rostov reg.; Ulyanovskreg.; National park “Courish Spit”, Kaliningrad reg.
Scientific projects and grants: Russian Science Foundation 20-14-00049, PI. А.L. Mukhin. “The price to cope with avian malaria: physiological cost of choosing a different defense strategie”.
Selected Publications: Bojarinova, J., Kavokin, K., Pakhomov, A., Cherbunin R., Anashina A., Erokhina M., Ershova M., &Chernetsov N. Magnetic compass of garden warblers is not affected by oscillating magnetic fields applied to their eyes. Sci Rep 10, 3473 (2020).