Alexander A. Davydov

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Academic degree: No degree
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Position: Research Intern
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Educational background: UlyanovskStatePedagogicalUniversity (bachelor), 2017.
Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University (master), 2019.
Research interests: Bird migration, orientation and navigation of birds.
Field studies: Ulyanovsk reg.; Lovozero Massif, Murmansk reg.; Komi Republic; National park “Courish Spit”, Kaliningrad reg.
Scientific projects and grants:
  • Russian Science Foundation 17-14-01147, PI. D.A. Kishkinev. “Sensory systems underlying short- and long-distance navigation in birds”.
  • RFBR 18-04-00265, PI. N.S. Chernetsov. “Calibration of compass systems in migratory birds”.
  • Russian Science Foundation 20-14-00049, PI. А.L. Mukhin. “The price to cope with avian malaria: physiological cost of choosing a different defense strategie”.
Selected Publications: Chernetsov N., Pakhomov A., Cellarius F., Davydov A., Mouritsen H. 2020. No evidence for the use of magnetic declination for migratory navigation in two songbird species. PLoS ONE 15(4): e0232136.