Victor N. Bulyuk

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Academic degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences
Academic title: No title
Position: Senior Researcher
Contact phone: +7 (401) 504-12-51
Educational background: Leningrad State University, 1979
Dissertations: “Nocturnal bird migration over Karakum Desert.” (PhD)
Research interests: Bird migration, ecophysiological and behavioural aspects of migration and stopovers, impact of the weather on diurnal and nocturnal bird migration.
Field studies: Kaliningrad reg., Leningrad reg., Middle Asia, Kazakhstan, Khakassia, Kamchatka.
Scientific projects and grants:
  • RFBR 08-04-01658-а, PI C.V. Bolshakov. “Inter– and intraspecific variability of the characteristics of avian nocturnal migratory flight”
  • RFBR 11-04-01126-а, PI C.V. Bolshakov. “The influence of the global "light pollution" of the natural environment on the behavior of migratory birds at night”
  • RFBR 13-04-00242-а, PI V.N. Bulyuk. “Age differences in behavior and accumulation of energy reserves in the passerines on the migratory stops”
  • RFBR 15-04-04710-а, PI C.V. Bolshakov. “The study of sound calls in nocturnally migrating birds on an example of European thrushes genus Turdus spp”
  • RFBR 16-04-00761-а, PI L.V. Sokolov. “Comparison of migration strategy at the European and Asian populations of the common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)”
Selected Publications:
  • Bolshakov C.V., Chernetsov N., Mukhin A., Bulyuk V.N., Kosarev V., Ktitorov P., Leoke D., Tsvey, A. 2007. Time of nocturnal departures in European robins, Erithacus rubecula, in relation to celestial cues, season, stopover duration and fat stores. Animal Behaviour, 74: 855-865.
  • Bulyuk V.N., Mukhin A., Kishkinev D., Kosarev V. 2009. To what extent do environmental factors affect the long-distance nocturnal post-fledging movements of the Reed Warbler? Journal of Ornithology, 150: 339-350.
  • Bulyuk V.N., Mukhin A. 2010. Do weather and lunar cycle influence the decision of juvenile Reed Warblers Acrocephalus scirpaceus to perform post-fledging nocturnal flights over the natal area? Acta Ornithologica, 45: 27-32.
  • Bulyuk V.N. 2012. Influence of fuel load and weather on timing of nocturnal spring migratory departures in European robins, Erithacus rubecula. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 66: 385-395.
  • Bulyuk V.N., Tsvey A. 2013. Regulation of stopover duration in the European Robin Erithacus rubecula. Journal of Ornithology, 154: 1115-1126.
  • Bolshakov C.V., Evstigneeva M.D., Bulyuk V.N. 2017. Acoustic signalization of song thrush (Turdus philomelos) during migration: comparison of nocturnal and daytime signals. Zoologicheskij Zhurnal, 96(6): 676-683.
  • Bulyuk V.N., Bolshakov C.V., Evstigneeva M.D. 2017. Do flight-calls of Redwings differ during nocturnal and diurnal migration and daytime stopovers? Ornis Fennica, 94: 172-179.
  • Popov, I., Sinelshikova, A., Markovets, M., Bulyuk, V. 2019. Ecological Value of the Sorokaoziorki Wetland Complex in the Steppe of Central Eurasia (Khakassia, Russian Federation). Wetlands, 39: 7-16.
  • Thorup K., Lomas Vega M., Rachel Scotchburn Snell K., Lubkovskaia R., Willemoes M., Sjöberg S., Sokolov L.V., Bulyuk V. 2020. Flying on their own wings: young and adult cuckoos respond similarly to long-distance displacement during migration. Scientific Reports 10, 7698 (2020).
  • Sinelschikova A., Vorotkov M., Bulyuk V., Bolshakov C. 2020. Compensation for wind drift in the nocturnally migrating Song Thrushes in relation to altitude and wind. Behavioural Processes 177 (2020) 104154.
  • Ktitorov P., Bulyuk V., Leoke D., Kulikova O. 2021. Meteorological factors affecting refueling of European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) during migrations. International Journal of Biometeorology 65, 291–299.
  • Sokolov L.V., Lubkovskaia V., Bulyuk V. 2022. Migration Routes and Wintering Grounds of Common Cuckoos (Cuculus canorus, Cuculiformes, Cuculidae) from the Southeastern Part of the Baltic Region (Based on Satellite Telemetry). Biology Bulletin, 49 (7): 161-170.