Marine Research Lab

Marine Research Lab

The Marine Research Laboratory of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (ZIN RAS) was established in 1960, combining divisions which have been involved in the study of marine invertebrate fauna. The history of research, as well as the history of scientific collections of the lab, stems back to the middle of the XIXth century.

Primary research areas:

  • Taxonomy, phylogeny, and biodiversity of marine invertebrates
  • Biogeography and ecology of the Arctic and Far-Eastern seas

Chief research tasks:

  • Basic research in the areas of systematics, morphology, and ecology of marine invertebrates
  • Development of identification keys
  • Assessment and monitoring of marine and estuarine ecosystems
  • Mapping distribution of commercial species

Sampling of marine fauna is carried out by means of both submersible equipment and divers. The area of research extends from the Arctic and Antarctic seas to the tropics of the Indian Ocean, and from Atlantic to Pacific. Collections of the lab comprise more than 15 thousand species, which is about 2.5 millions collection units.