Laboratory of  Experimental Entomology
and BioControl Theory

Russia, 199034, St.-Petersburg, Zoological Institute.
Phone: Phone: +7 (812) 714 0442; Fax: +7 (812) 714 0444; E-mail: sreznik@zin.ruRussian version


Laboratory of Experimental Entomology and BioControl Theory (LEEBC) is one of the leading entomological and biocontrol laboratories in the former Soviet Union republics. It was established in Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences in 1959. At present, LEEBC undertakes a wide range of research activities in the field of insect ecology, ethology, and physiology. As may be seen from Research Projects and Grants or Recent Publications, LEEBC has particular experience in investigations of insect - plant and insect host - parasitoid relations and of various manifestations of biological rhythms and regulation of seasonal adaptations. However, we are also experienced in conducting of great diversity of applied researches. Both beneficial insects (such as Trichogramma, numerous Chalcidae parasitiods, entomophagous Coccinellidae, ragweed leaf beetle Zygogramma suturalis) and insect pests (aphids, mosquitoes, etc.) had been the subjects of our studies. We have provided our assistance to many research projects aimed at biological control of various invasive weeds and insect pests.