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For the first time a question of the integration of information technologies into scientific research was raised in 1985. Soon, a terminal connecting channel to the Institute of Informatics of the Academy of Sciences to a BESM-6 computer was probed. However, the work was rather uncomfortable, and it has been decided to create the own computing center on the basis of SM-1420 mini-electronic computer.

In 1988, the center started its work, allowing involving large number of zoologists in development of most modern computer technologies in zoological research. Just at that time, an IT-group, providing the work of the complex, was created.

In 1989, first personal computers appeared in the Institute. Just at that time the first ability appeared to transit a part of publication activity of the Institute to computer technologies. In 1992, the use of SM-1420 stopped; about a dozen computers appeared in laboratories of the Institute and computer publishing center of the Institute was organized.

In 1995, risograph equipment was bought and started to function. It had allowed the Institute publishing significant part of its work independently as monographic editions: abstracts, small author’s or collective monographs, materials of conferences and annual scientific sessions, so some periodicals such as the “Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS” and magazines “Zoosystematica Rossica” and “Avian ecology and behavior”.

Constant increase in the number of personal computers leaded to a significant increase of computer skills of zoologists and set a task of building of a local institute network. In 1997, first attempts to organize a cable net and unite computers in the network were performed. Starting from 1999, a powerful server was bought and the Web-site of the Zoological Institute was elaborated and placed in the Internet for public access; speedy commercial outer channel to the Internet was organized; and global modernization of the local institute network was financed.

According to purposeful strategy of computerization, not a simple local network, but a full-fledged communicative medium of the corporative level was created and developed at the Institute. It is based on the “on-premise” model, assuming the use of own hardware and software resources for solving of virtually any tasks of the Institute.

At present, the Institute possesses more than 250 personal computers and a modern park of dedicated servers. All working stations are united into a local network and possess Internet connection. The Web-portal of the Institute works and is constantly replenished with information, publishing department functions uninterruptedly.


Roman G. Khalikov (Head of Department)

Alexandr N. Myasnitsyn (System Engineer)

Tatyana V. Dolnik (Layout Designer)

Tamara A. Asanovich (Technical Editor)

Olga I. Malova (Painter)