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Studies conducted in the laboratory of experimental entomology and biological control theory are devoted to different aspects of insect ecology and physiology. Themes of works traditionally combine fundamental scientific problems and elaboration of particular methods of insect and plant pests’ control.

At present, the main part of investigations conducted in the laboratory is devoted to different aspects of regulation of seasonal and daily cycles. Objects of studies performed during last ten years included as useful entomophages and parasitoids used for biological control, so insect pests. For example, studies of regulatory mechanisms of seasonal cycles in invasive pest species (the Asian ladybeetle, the brown marmorated stink bug) allowed clarifying forecasts of their future distribution. Experiments conducted on oviphagous parasitoids of the genus Trichogramma revealed a series of previously unknown trans-generation effects associated with diapause (state of winter rest) regulation, presumably bases on an epigenetic inheritance, i.e., on the inter-generation transition of relatively stable changes in gene expression. These results are important not only for insect physiology and genetics, but also for the practice, because trichogrammas are widely used for biological control of agricultural and forestry insect pests and induction of the diapause is an obligatory condition of long storage of trichogrammas in biofactories.


6 Employees (5 Researchers, 1 Collection Keeper).

Sergey Ya. Reznik (Head of Laboratory, Principal Researcher, Doctor of Biological Sciences)

Natalia D. Voinovich (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Andrey N. Ovchinnikov (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Antonina A. Ovchinnikova (Junior Researcher)

Konstantin G. Samartsev (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Taisiya Ya. Umarova (Senior Collection Keeper)

Topic of State Assignment

“Insect taxonomy, morphology, ecophysiology and evolution”
PI: Doctor of Biological Sciences S.Yu. Sinev
No. 122031100272-3

Laboratory collections

Laboratory supports “living collection”: laboratory populations of pest insects (peach aphid, Mediterranean flour moth, brown marmorated stink bug) and useful insects used for insect pest control (ladybirds, trichogramma, gabrobracon).

Main publications of the Laboratory staff

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Laboratory staff participate in the following grants

RSF No. 21-16-00050. “Formation of the current ranges of invasive herbivorous insects and their ecophysiological adaptations to the conditions of the Southern Russia” (PI D.L. Musolin, SPbFTU).

RSF No. 20-66-47010. “The ecological and genetic principles for bio-resource screening of insects and mites for biological pest control” (PI N.A.Belyakova, ARIPP).

RFBR No. 20-04-00185–а. “Interaction of micro- and macroevolutionary processes in determining of the variability of thermal constants of insects development” (PI E.B.Lopatina, SPbSU).